January 18, 2024 – Meet Beauty Obasuyi, the spirited chef from Brampton who is attempting the unthinkable – a Guinness World Record for the longest individual cooking marathon.

As of 8:00 AM EST today, Beauty reached the remarkable 200-hour mark on her ninth day. That’s nearly halfway to her audacious goal of 18 days, totaling an astonishing 432 hours of non-stop cooking.

Obasuyi’s initial plan was ambitious enough – an 8-day cooking marathon, aiming for a total of 192 hours. The inspiration struck when Irish chef Alan Fisher set the bar at 5 days straight (roughly 119 hours). However, news from Ghana about another chef’s 227-hour marathon threw a curveball.

Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak’s completion, exceeding Obasuyi’s proposed time by over 35 hours, added intense competition.

Undeterred, Beauty upped the ante, setting a new goal of 18 days, equivalent to a jaw-dropping 432 hours of continuous cooking. Her motivation goes beyond breaking records; it’s about making a real impact.

Chef Beauty, originally from Nigeria, opened the popular restaurant Naija Jollof in 2009. Known for offering rare African dishes like black-eyed pea fritters and stewed goat, she’s now turning heads with her incredible culinary feat.

A philanthropist at heart, Beauty aims to combat food insecurity. Her personal journey, starting as a refugee and single mother in Canada, fuels her desire to help others. She started from scratch, worked her way up to a real estate agent, and eventually became a successful restaurant owner.

In a heartwarming twist, all the food cooked during the marathon is donated to those in need. Free meals from the Brampton Naija Jollof location are distributed in collaboration with local organizations.

Around the 6-day mark, which would have beat the original record, Beauty has admitted the challenge of minimal rest time. However, she draws strength from the overwhelming support of thousands of fans, cheering her on through social media.

Brampton Mayor, Patrick Brown, lifted spirits by visiting the shop to celebrate the passing of the 160 hour mark:

With over 200 more hours to go to reach her new goal, Chef Beauty invites everyone to join her daily livestreams on her YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/@ChefBeautyObasuyi].

Obasuyi’s culinary marathon is not just about breaking records; it’s a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of community support. Stay tuned for updates as she continues her historic cooking journey.