Brampton City Council has taken a big step in creating a green city by introducing a new green framework, the Brampton Eco Park Strategy.

An Eco Park is an interconnected network of sustainable urban and natural/green spaces. The Brampton Eco Park Strategy will show off the vision, goals and lay out the actions required to guide its implementation.

The strategy will provide unique social opportunities and build community partnerships and stewardship to protect, support and grow Brampton’s Eco Park. It will also help focus on conserving, re-naturalizing, and enhancing the city’s existing landscapes.

“Council is dedicated to continuing to build a green city, and the Brampton Eco Park Strategy marks another milestone in our sustainability journey,” says Mayor Patrick Brown. “I look forward to the many social and environmental benefits that the expanded, interconnected Brampton Eco Park will provide to our city.”

Brampton’s Natural Heritage System (NHS) which consists of 2,500 hectares will serve as the backbone of Brampton Eco Park. This will help set up a foundation where the expansion and evolution will focus on developing identified hubs, where locations such as parks, NHS, streetscapes, and utility corridors will be adapted through the creation of Eco Spaces. Over time, these efforts will result in a green parks network and natural reserve throughout the city.