Just one day before the province’s deadline, Brampton will make a decision on wehther to allow retail cannabis stores in the city.

Municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area have until January 22 to decide whether to opt in and allow retail cannabis stores in their cities.

Cities like Toronto and Orangeville have already voted yes, meanwhile Mississauga, Oakville and others have voted to opt out at this time. These cities have the option to opt in later, but won’t receive a piece of the $40 million earmarked to go to municipalities that opt in before the January 22 deadline.

There’s no telling how Brampton’s vote will fall. As of now, only one city councillor has publicly come out against cannabis. Councillor Charmaine Williams (Ward 7-8) caused a fair bit of controversy last week after suggesting GTA municipalities “build a political wall” to keep out cannabis. Her Trump-inspired reference wasn’t well received by some.

Residents appear divided on the issue. A survey conducted by the city back in November asked residents for their opinion on the issue. The survey found that 54 per cent of participants strongly or somewhat support opting in while 40 per cent strongly or somewhat oppose retail stores. Six per cent were undecided.

The city’s cannabis town hall last week also saw a fairly similar number of residents speaking for and against opting in.

The special meeting happens Monday, January 21 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at City Hall’s west tower in boardroom WT-2C & 2D. Anyone who wants to speak can sign up to delegate at the meeting.