Brampton City Council voted to opt in and allow private retail cannabis stores in Brampton, and one city councillor says he’s disappointed with the decision.

“I’m disappointed Brampton didn’t join the vast majority of the 905 in voting against the private sale of cannabis in our city,” said Dhillon in a statement Tuesday.

Dhillon says his primary concerns are the lack of control Brampton would have in deciding where pot shops go, and the province’s decision to lower the proximity to schools from 500 to 150 metres. “I recommended opting out to send a strong message to the province and to use the decision as leverage to get more local control first.”

Dhillon may be in the minority but he isn’t the only councillor disappointed with the decision. Councillors Harkirat Singh (9-10) and Charmaine Williams (7-8) also voted to opt out. Williams has been a very vocal critic since being elected on October 22 against allowing private pot shops in the city.

The vote to opt-in wasn’t unanimous, but council did have a unanimous vote to actively work with the province to solve some of the primary concerns politicians and residents have about cannabis stores in the city.

Council is requesting city staff petition the province to allow for greater control on where pot shops go, as well as putting in restrictions on allowing them near community centres, libraries, and other community spaces.

The city also wants to amend a bylaw to restrict exactly where cannabis can be used in public. It could restrict usage in public areas like parks, trails, libraries, daycares, and other places.