In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the City of Brampton has now closed all city-owned parking garages. The following parking garages include:

  • Nelson Square Parking Garage (2 Diplock Lane)
  • Market Square Parking Garage (Theatre Lane & Union Street)
  • John Street Parking Garage (16 John Street)
  • George Street North Surface Parking (Northeast corner of George Street North and Diplock Lane)
  • City Hill Parking Garage (2 Wellington Street West)
  • West Tower Parking Garage (41 George Street)

With these parking garages closed until further notice, most parking enforcement is suspended. There will be on-street parking enforcement for things like blocking driveways, impeding emergency routes and equipment.

A statement issued by City of Brampton says, “The city hasn’t been and won’t be enforcing on-street parking with the exceptions of health, safety and emergency services related matters such as: blocked driveways and fire hydrants, road obstructions, fire routes, and ensuring emergency vehicles have passage.”

If you have any questions dial 311, go to the 311 website here, download the 311 app (Apple or Android), or email