Every week, Bramptonist rounds up the interesting items on upcoming city council and committee meetings, so you don’t have to page through huge (and, if we’re being honest, tedious) PDFs and to make it easier for you to be a well-informed resident.

All meetings are open to the public (aside from items which are specifically marked as closed). Due to council chamber renovations, meetings are mostly occurring in Boardroom WT-2C/D in the West Tower.

Planning & Development Committee

January 14, 7:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT 2C/D, West Tower

This committee handles all planning and development issues and comprises all of council, except for the mayor. Generally, an evening meeting means there is at least one item on the agenda that has a mandatory public meeting requirement.

Public Meeting Report – Khalsa Community School

The city is initiating a zoning by-law amendment to limit the capacity of the Khalsa Community School on 69 Maitland Street (page 6). This is a result due to the agreement that the two parties came to at the Ontario Municipal Board.

The private school obtained building permits to add six portables, but then added an extra seven without permission which resulted in major traffic congestion.

The school submitted an application to approve the additional portables, plus additions to the first and second floor, but the city said no. At the OMB, they came to an agreement.

There are two options available. One would have 1,060 students, and a lower minimum school area (including 13 portables). The other would have 1,170 students with a higher minimum school area but with a maximum of six portables.

Public Meeting Report – 10230 Goreway Drive

A developer is proposing 20 single detached houses at 10230 Goreway Drive (page 25), and also a parkette.

Recommendation Reports

City staff is recommending that four single detached units at 11205 Goreway Drive be built (page 39).

City staff recommends that 12 single detached houses and two part lots are built south of Williams Parkway and west of Creditview Road (page 62).

City staff recommends that prestige industrial and office uses can be built on a site north of Highway 407 and west of Financial Drive (page 178).

City staff recommends that 15 townhouses are built at 10764 Bramalea Road. (page 184).

City staff recommends that Crystalgate Court be renamed Crystalgate Way, as it has become a through road and not a cul-de-sac (page 242).

City staff recommends that 38 street townhouses are built at the northeast corner of Torbram Road and Countryside Drive.

Read the Agenda here.

Brampton Heritage Committee

December 15, 7:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT 2C/D, West Tower

The BHB is a committee made of citizens and one councillor, and is advised by heritage planning staff, to make decisions on heritage and would-be-heritage projects in the city.

Heritage Impact Assessment – St. Patrick’s Church

As the Region of Peel readies to widen Mayfield Road, a HIA was done for the church and cemetery at 11873 The Gore Road (page 27). The HIA said the best possible mitigation effort is to relocate the structure away from the construction zone.

Heritage Permit Application – 11651 Bramalea Road

City staff are recommending that the application on this site (affordable housing associated with a church) go ahead as long as certain conditions with the heritage building are fulfilled (page 156).

These include: the proposed electrical transformer is located away from the front of the property, that new cement slabs and steps be stained to the appearance of wood, and city staff review any work to be done.

Read the Agenda here.

Committee of Council

January 16, 9:30 a.m.
Boardroom WT 2C/D

CoC is attended by all members of council, except the mayor (though the mayor is permitted to be a member at this committee). This committee hears new reports from all areas of the city, as well as issues from the advisory committees. This is the confirming step before final council meeting approval.


Sylvia Roberts will delegate on Brampton potentially doing its own Diwali fireworks display.

Regan Hayward will be presenting on Beaux Arts.

Kevin Montgomery will delegate on the topic of compulsory parking permits.

2018 3rd Quarter Operating Budget

Every quarter, the city reviews the budget (page 58). The city’s operating budget at the end of the third quarter had a surplus of $25 million. The surplus is due to revenue growth, efficient delivery of surplus and labour savings.

State of Local Infrastructure 2018

An annual report on infrastructure (page 72). The city’s total infrastructure replacement cost in $5.8 billion. The majority of the infrastructure is considered in “Good” condition while 10% could be considered “Poor” to “Very Poor.”

City Hall Appointments

Bruce Zvaniga is now Commissioner, Public Works and Engineering
Department. Joe Pittari is now. Acting Chief Administrative Officer (page 172).

Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act

A draft response from city staff on this new Ontario bill, which will allow a new type of zoning tool that would ignore any environmental regulations and public consultation requirements in order to create large employment uses (page 256).


Rowena Santos (City Councillor, Wards 1 & 5) wants to discuss the status of Ryerson University in Brampton.

Read the Agenda here.

Brampton School Traffic Safety Council

January 17, 9:30 a.m.
Boardroom WT 2C/D, West Tower

The BSTS Committee is a citizen advisory committee comprises one councillor, two school trustees (public and Catholic) and residents. This committee does site surveys with the head crossing guard to find problems and solutions to traffic and safety issues around Brampton area schools, as requested by school officials and parents.

Site Inspection Requests

A school admin would like the committee to investigate Ridgeview Public School (page 21).

A school admin would like the committee to investigate Calderstone Middle School (page 22).

A resident would like the committee to investigate Father C.W. Sullivan Catholic School (page 23).

A school admin would like the committee to investigate Westervelts Corner Public School (page 24).

Site Inspection Report – Airport and Sandalwood

No real recommendations, other than for the Region of Peel to review pedestrian countdown timing (page 33).

Site Inspection Report – St. Lucy Catholic School

Recommendations include: asking Peel police to enforce stop sign stopping, city traffic staff to repaint the pedestrian lines, and encourage people not to jaywalk (page 36).

Site Inspection Report – St. Aidan Catholic School/Brisdale Public School

Recommendations include: Peel police enforcing the stop sign and a crossing guard study (page 40).

Site Inspection Report – Mount Pleasant Village Public School

No crossing guard warranted at this time (page 44).

Read the Agenda here.

Sports Hall of Fame Committee

January 17, 7:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT 2C/D, West Tower

 The SHF Committee is a citizen advisory committee comprising three councillors and residents. This committee is in charge of selecting nominees for Brampton’s Sports Hall of Fame at the CAA Centre (formerly the Powerade Centre), as well as organizing the gala event that happens every May.


A discussion will happen on keynote speakers.

Read the Agenda here.