Every week, Bramptonist rounds up the interesting items on upcoming city council and committee meetings, so you don’t have to page through huge (and, if we’re being honest, tedious) PDFs and to make it easier for you to be a well-informed resident.

All meetings are open to the public (aside from items which are specifically marked as closed).

Budget Committee

March 25, 9:30 a.m.; March 26, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

This committee handles all matters regarding the city budget, including special items like transit fare increases and city councillor requests.

Note, the content of this committee is the same as last week.

Read the Agenda here.

Planning & Development Committee

March 25, 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

This committee handles all planning and development issues and comprises all of council, except for the mayor. Generally, an evening meeting means there is at least one item on the agenda that has a mandatory public meeting requirement.

Sustainability Performance of New Developments

A presentation by city staff on the environmental sustainability of new development projects in the city (page 5). The guidelines are based on the built environment, mobility, natural environment and green infrastructure.

The tiers are mandatory requirements (bronze), recommended minimums (silver) and aspirational (gold). In 2018, 24 per cent of developments were below bronze, 50 per cent were bronze, 14 per cent were silver and 12 per cent were gold.

Development of Age Friendly Strategy

The planning department has been working on an age friendly strategy, which will ensure that the city is ready for people as they age (page 22, report on page 44). The strategy will link existing and future policies, and connect city departments with relevant external agencies. Brampton’s strategy will be based on World Health Organization guidelines.

Some key themes that have emerged through the consultations: a need for public bathrooms and outdoor seating, wider sidewalks, bus stops closer to destinations, more housing options. In addition, a lack of training for entrepreneurs and seniors was also identified.

Read the Agenda here.

Committee of Adjustment

March 26, 9:00 a.m.
Boardroom WT 2C, West Tower

CoA is a committee comprised of staff members and residents, not elected officials. This committee handles minor zoning adjustments for new developments, as well as minor adjusting in existing buildings.

Notable Adjustments

The St. Joseph of Nazareth Anglican Church at 290 Balmoral Drive is requesting that their side yard setback be reduced to 0.9 m from 7.5 m in order to accommodate a building extension.

Zoning at 89 Clarence Drive (Clarence and Centre) is being requested to allow a gas station

Read the Agenda here.

Council Workshop

March 26, 1:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT 2E, West Tower

Council workshops are to inform and educate councilors on pressing issues.


Staff will discuss a development charge study with council.

Read the Agenda here.

Age Friendly Advisory Committee

March 26, 7:00 p.m.
Boardroom WT 2A, West Tower

Council workshops are to inform and educate councilors on pressing issues.


City staff will discuss with this committee the contents of Monday’s planning meeting.

Read the Agenda here.


March 27, 9:30 a.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

City Council meetings are the final approval meeting for all matters to city. Generally speaking, matters are considered finished after they are approved here, unless opened back up with a two-thirds majority vote.

Announcements and Proclamations

Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019: March 14 to 21. Brampton players participated in this competition

Sports Day in Brampton: April at Cassie Campbell and Brampton Soccer Centre.

March 21: World Down Syndrome Day

April 2: Autism Awareness Day

April: Sikh Heritage Month and Sports Month

Gun Amnesty Program

At the behest of council, city staff have reported back on the potential for the city to offer money in exchange for guns (page 48).

Staff have come up with an option, should council approve, to coordinate with the Peel Regional Police’s May 2019 amnesty program, and offer $100 per gun up to $5,000. In 2018, 21 homes were visited; 34 firearms and 8 edged weapons were turned in. A member of the police will be presenting to council.

Read the Agenda here.

Special Council Meeting

March 27, 7:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall

This meeting is to approve the budget, only. There are no other items on the agenda.