Brampton council says no to low-income transit passes

A proposed program that would subside transit passes for low-income residents was turned down Wednesday by Brampton city council due to its costly financial investment.

The program would offer 2,500 discounted transit passes to low-income residents.

Peel Region has been operating the same program with Mississauga for some time and is looking to extend it to Brampton.

But Brampton council was not impressed with the lack of participation in the program by Mississauga residents. A little over 1,300 people applied for passes out of the available 2,500.

It all came down to the cost though. Currently Mississauga is contributing $400,000 yearly in administrative costs to run the program, with the region covering a little over $1 million.

Brampton already subsidizes transit fares by 55 per cent, with seniors and students riding at discount rates. Veterans ride for free.

Council isn’t keen to make that type of financial commitment to running the program in the city and have asked staff to go back to the table.

Mayor Linda Jeffrey passed a motion directing staff to essentially renegotiate Brampton’s participation in the program.