Brampton City Council voted Wednesday to make monthly Brampton Transit bus passes for seniors free before 2022.

The motion was brought forward by City Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon (Ward 9/10). Dhillon tried in his last term of council to pass forward a motion to fund free passes for seniors, but it was unsuccessful.

This time around council voted unanimously to reduce the cost of bus passes from $29 to $15 per month. They also voted to make passes free by 2022.

The changes will result in a revenue loss of between $400k to $1.2 million to Brampton Transit. The broad estimate takes into account that more seniors will likely take advantage in the wake of cheaper fares.

Brampton currently has the lowest senior fares for transit in the Greater Toronto Area. Furthermore, Brampton residents are eligible for subsidized passes if they are under a certain income level. Currently, only 176 seniors have passes are taking advantage of that program.

Cheaper passes for seniors is expected to be a part of the 2019 budget.