The complainant in the recent investigation by the Brampton integrity commissioner has filed a lawsuit against Regional Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon as well as the City of Brampton. She is seeking over $2 million in damages for a sexual assault she alleges happened during a trade mission in Turkey, while the councillor was officially representing the city.

What led to this

Earlier this month, Brampton City Council voted to implement each recommendation made by the Integrity Commissioner, Muneeza Sheikh, in her report, which was released publicly on Friday, July 31, 2020. The report stated that Dhillon subjected the complainant (identified as a Brampton businesswoman) to “unnecessary, unwelcome, and unwanted sexual touching”.

Nader Hassan, Dhillon’s lawyer, said the councillor applied for a judicial review earlier in August. It names the city and Sheikh and makes the claim that the investigation is flawed in both the process itself and the report.

More about the lawsuit

The complainant, who is anonymous given the nature of the allegatons, is looking for over $2 million in damages from the city of Brampton and Dhillon for a number of things, including sexual assault and battery, engaging in a campaign of “lies and smears” and for obstructing the city’s ethics investigation.

She claims that the city is liable because it had a responsibility for making sure Dhillon was properly trained and supervised in his duties as a Brampton councillor.

The lawsuit states, “Dhillon exploited his position of trust and power as a city councillor, and as the appointed head of a trade mission, to manipulate the situation to get himself alone with the plaintiff; and thereafter use his size and physical strength to overpower, forcibly confine and sexually brutalize the plaintiff over the space of nearly a full hour — all the while ignoring the plaintiff’s near one hundred terrified pleas to stop.”

In a statement through Hassan, Dhillon says that he denies the allegations “in their entirety”.

The complainant’s lawyers, Michael Moon and Nadia Klein, released a statement in which they say it’s their hope that the lawsuit will put a stop to what they call Dhillon’s “evasive antics”.