There is power in the universal language of dance, and a local dance company is using it to explore powerful themes around environmentalism, sustainability and other social issues facing the world today.

On Wednesday, October 4, Brampton’s Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, through its non-profit Metropolitan Youth Performing Arts Center (MYPAC), will present its first ever hip hop dance theatre production called ‘Save our World – It’s Not Too Late’.

The show, a collaboration between the Rose Theatre and Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, will explore issues including poverty, bullying, human rights, discrimination, and equality — all with the purpose of inspiring change and tackling the issues with hope and optimism.

Hosting the evening will be CTV’s Michelle Dubé. DJ Starting From Scratch is producing the music, and he’s a powerful figure in the music world, having worked with names like Usher, Kanye West, John Legend and more.

MYPAC, the non-profit established by Jade Jager Clark, Owner and Artistic Director of Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, was built to empower youth through performing arts — specifically hip hop dance and theatre.

“We recognize that to make a significant change in our world today, we have to start with our youth. We believe that by making youth aware of social and world issues and encouraging them to work together regardless of gender, race, and religion to find sustainable solutions,” says Clark. “We can build the next generation of engaged global citizens, leaders and change makers.”

Don’t miss the thought-provoking show on October 4 at the Rose Theatre. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased by clicking here.

Feature Image – MYPAC