The results are in and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has clinched a minority government in a close and contentious race with Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party.

Brampton’s Results

Brampton North – Ruby Sahota (Liberal)
Brampton South – Sonia Sidhu (Liberal)
Brampton East – Maninder Sidu (Liberal)
Brampton West – Kamal Khera (Liberal)
Brampton Centre – Ramesh Sangha (Liberal)

In the 2015 Federal elections, Liberals won the majority government, securing 184 seats, and sweeping all of Brampton’s five ridings. This time around the Liberals may have lost some seats across the board, but Brampton remains solidly red.

In all ridings, Liberal candidates won with decent margins, with Conservatives polling in second place, save for Brampton East, where NDP Candidate Saranjit Singh polled in second, closely followed by Conservative candidate Ramona Singh.

New candidate Maninder Sidhu won in Brampton East with over 23,000. Brampton East had no incumbent after the departure of independent candidate and former Liberal MP Raj Grewal. Sidhu won with over 45% of the vote.

Incumbent in Brampton West, Kamal Khera won with the widest margin — over 28,000 votes and 53 per cent of the vote.

Throughout the campaign Liberal candidates have promised to deliver funding for major projects in Brampton including transit, the Riverwalk project, community safety, and more. Brampton residents will no doubt be watching closely to see whether these promises can be delivered.

Feature image – Herman Custudio