Brampton Firefighter competes on Chopped Canada

Left to right: Henri Persaud (Port Moody), Ryan Brown (Brampton), Scott Germain (Fort McMurray), and Mike Varga (Vancouver). Source: Food Network

Ryan Brown, a Brampton firefighter from Station 209, faced off on Food Network’s Chopped Canada on December 10.

The episode titled “Fired up” brought firefighters together from across the country to compete for $10,000.

In Chopped Canada, four contestants face off to make an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, with one being eliminated each round. They are also required to include four surprise ingredients in every dish, sometimes perfectly normal, sometimes completely outlandish.

“I definitely want to come into the Chopped Canada kitchen and drop a league of domination on the competition, but more importantly I want to make sure I don’t embarrass the Brampton fire department,” says Brown in the episode’s intro, and his performance didn’t disappoint.


Banana Muffin Mix Pancake with Smoked Mussel Guacamole
Banana Muffin Pancake with Smoked Mussel Guacamole

For round one — the appetizer — the basket’s ingredients included spicy pickled green beans, smoked mussels, banana muffin mix and key limes. Brown’s first dish was a Banana Muffin Pancake with Smoked Mussel Guacamole. It received rave reviews from the judges, including Chef Michael Smith who said it was the best pancake he’d ever had.

Brown made it onto the entrée round and had to use tongues of fire beans, Habanero salsa, apple juice and duck tenderloin as elements of his dish. He wasn’t happy about the apple juice, professing to hating it, but he banged out another great dish nonetheless.

He prepared Fired Up Beans on Apple Rice with Duck Tenderloin, which also received praise from the judges. Despite beans that were undercooked, Brown made it to the third and final round.

Competing against Mike Varga, a Vancouver fire department firefighter, Brown had to also contend with what was perhaps the most eclectic group of ingredients of the episode: Hot Lips Candy, Goose fat, Mocha Coffee Drink and Oat Flour.

Brown produced a Crumble with Mocha Coffee Ice Cream and Hot Lips Sauce, against Varga’s Oat Flour Cookie and Mocha Coffee Ice Cream.

In the end Brown was just a sliver away from pulling out the win. He was “chopped” and Mike Varga ended up taking home the win.

Nonetheless, it was a great performance from Ryan Brown, who has clearly made Brampton firefighters proud.

Watch the full episode here.