If you’ve found yourself running on empty recently only to arrive at a gas station to find it’s completely run out of gas, you aren’t alone.

Turns out much of the Greater Toronto Area has been experiencing a fuel shortage. Drivers are reporting gas stations at Bovaird and Kennedy, Bramalea and Peter Robertson, and others in and around Brampton haven’t had any gas at the pumps.

Despite the shortage, there’s no cause for alarm. There are no major issues with refineries or terminals: the issue stems from the recent weather 

The recent snow storm and arctic-like temperatures that have been hitting the area the last week has prevented trucks from making their regular deliveries to local stations.

Even though the weather has warmed up, deliveries are expected to be delayed as drivers play catch-up, but experts say it won’t last long.

Since the problem isn’t a system issue, your local gas stations won’t be without fuel for long.