Brampton’s newest neighborhood café Bean and Pearl is a double whammy because it has two things that the city is sorely lacking: independently-owned coffee shops and really good bubble tea.

Bean & Pearl just popped up on the northwest end of the city off Creditview Road and it’s serving up two very different—but equally delicious—types of beverages.

The shop is located in the corner of a plaza at Creditview and Sandalwood and its menu includes coffee, espresso, lattes, loose leaf teas and something you don’t find in standard cafes: bubble tea.

Naturally, the family-run business makes all coffee, lattes, and espresso in-house to order. Since Brampton is starving for independently-owned cafes and coffee shops, it isn’t hard to fall in love with their offerings. Who doesn’t love fresh espresso and lattes?

The menu has lots of options and flavours. Mild and refreshing like their classic milk tea and mango boba, sweet like their light and delicious cookies and cream shake and even dairy-free like their iced matcha latte with soy milk. What we’re trying to say is, there’s something for everyone!

Currently, the shop has a few munchies like croissants and cupcakes. Flavours include taro and red velvet. The shop plans to bring in more options as it grows.

The space is comfortable, light, airy and has free wifi, making it a great place to spend time hanging out or working.

Espresso and coffee? Check. Bubble tea? Check. Free Wifi? Of course. What more could a person want?

Bean & Pearl is located at 10625 Creditview Road.