Brampton has once again been recognized for it’s excellent winter road maintenance. I know what you’re thinking:400833

But it’s true! For the second year in a row Brampton has received a Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting award from the Salt Institute because of the city’s extensive road salt supply that it keeps well stocked throughout the winter. 25,000 tonnes to be exact. That’s the weight of 3330 elephants. 277 blue whales or 12,500 average size vehicles. So basically, salt in zombie apocalypse quantities.

Road salt certainly is a prudent way to help with winter road conditions. It’s also a great way to avoid taking responsibility of plowing the streets in a timely fashion, but Brampton would never do such a thing.

Now that salt has so effectively solved all of our winter driving problems, maybe it can solve some of the city’s other problems too.

Crumbling rec centres and dismal maintenance of city properties? Sprinkle some salt on it!


City Councillors acting unruly? A pinch o’ salt will solve that1110

Bad transit? Forget about an LRT, let the salt rain down!Make-it-Rain

Cheers, Brampton, keep being you