A Brampton-inspired Clothing Line Just Launched

A group of Brampton high school students just released a B-town inspired clothing line in hopes of boosting city pride.

As part of the Creative Economy co-op program at LAB B, the students spent the fall semester expressing their creativity and gaining hands-on skill in entrepreneurship.

The students, Donneyha Ellis, Kianna Walsh, Christopher Clelland, Sherwin Coutinho and Katelyn Kalahi, did it all on their own, too. They created the designs, contacted suppliers, directed a photo shoot and curated an Instagram page.

The clothing line is called LAB B Apparel. It includes gear like crew necks, long sleeve tees, t-shirts and hoodies. Most of the line proudly bears the Brampton name.

“Instead of claiming we are from somewhere we are not, why not make our home something worth representing. And that is what we are doing with the apparel: we are starting the movement, giving Brampton something of its own,” says Donneyha Ellis one of the students spearheading the project.

Through it all, the students were able to benefit from real-world learning and maximize their learning opportunities.

“LAB B has helped me on my entrepreneurial journey in many ways. They gave me real-life situations to face and problem solve. These first-hand pieces of information and lessons are something you can’t get from any textbook or any classroom.”

Currently sweaters and crew necks are $40, and long sleeves and t-shirts are $25.

The clothing line can be purchased by visiting LAB B a 60 Queen Street East (Suite 104) in downtown Brampton. The students hope to have an online store up in the coming months.

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