At a meeting on March 25, Brampton City Council talked about the possibility of imposing fines for people that do not follow social distancing guidelines.

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, council released an official statement on guidelines for Brampton residents to follow: “New regulation being explored includes but is not limited to: requiring a 2.0-metre separation distance between persons, other than immediate family members with whom a person resides; and limitations and/or restrictions on the use of public playgrounds.”

Brampton City Council did decide to close parks, but for now is keeping the decision to impose fines open. Mayor Patrick Brown has discussed that he would talk with council, but also stated that if things get worse, then he would decide to move forward with fines–whether with a unanimous council vote or not.

“If needed [I can], but I would obviously consult council. If Brampton residents don’t embrace social distancing, then I will have no hesitation to pull the trigger,” says Mayor Patrick Brown. “This is about saving lives. I hope I don’t need to start fining people. I hope residents will do the right thing on their own.”

As of the evening of March 28, there have been 154 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Region of Peel, with 56 in Brampton, 85 in Mississauga, and 10 in Caledon. There are also three cases pending further info as to location.

Are you worried you have COVID-19 or that you might be at risk? Take this self-assessment from the government of Ontario here:

Read about the new Peel Memorial COVID-19 assessment centre, including symptoms and criteria for using it, here.

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