The Brampton startup community has grown over the past few years, but there’s always been a gap — access to investors.

But an exciting new development is happening in the local startup community, and it could be a game changer: a new angel investor group is establishing a chapter in Brampton.

Cross Border Angels & Experts (CBA) is looking to build and scale an ecosystem that will connect local entrepreneurs and startups directly to investors and a larger global network.

“The key ingredients of creating an organic entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem is availability of smart capital, a captive market, inherent talent pool and ease of doing business. On introspection, we realize that all the above are available in abundance in Brampton,” says Ashwin Sanzgiri, Vice-President, Scaale Group and Cross Border Angels. Sanzgiri is a Brampton resident and is passionate about helping the city grow.

The local chapter, called CBA Catalysts of Brampton, is officially up and running. Its purpose of sparking community and economic development by assisting budding startups. As part of their program, interested startups will go through a screening process where only the most promising, high-potential projects will advance.

Once startups advance past the screening phase, they will have access to any number of resources, including capital investment, mentorship and other guidance. The organization will also collaborate with local corporations in the Brampton area to help startups and create meaningful partnerships.

Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey says the timing couldn’t be any better. She says, “Brampton has a thriving entrepreneurial community, and there are more exciting projects coming up that will only add to the ecosystem, like a pilot incubator and the new Ryerson campus downtown.”

Find out more about the angel investor network by visiting