Fall is well underway and it doesn’t actually end until December 21, but in Southern Ontario, we all know that winter weather usually appears well before then — and the weather in Brampton is about to slide right into winter mode.

The first bout of real winter weather is expected to hit the city next week, with a decent amount of snow expected.

On Tuesday, November 13 Brampton could get up the 5 cm, with snow expected to fall throughout the rest of the week adding up to a total of 10 cm.

Temperatures are also expected to take a bit of a plunge — it’s expected to feel like -1 most days, with Wednesday being the coldest at -4.

If you’re not looking forward to the snow or the cold weather, you should enjoy this week, temperatures will feel above zero for the most part.

And if you’re already breaking out the holiday cheer, you’re in luck, because there’s nothing like snow to get you into the holiday spirit.