TEDx, an off-shoot of locally organized events stemming from the popular format of TED Talks, is making its way to Brampton. The city is getting its first TEDx on July 14, with a lineup of speakers looking to spark deep discussion.

The event, which happens at City Hall, will focus on themes of technology and how it’s transforming the workforce. Speakers will speculate how the world might look beyond the 21st century.

The Speakers

Laura Timm

Laura is the founder of Success Without Limits, a personal development platform which launched Q1 of 2018. It was created with the mission and vision to educate, motivate and inspire people around the world to pursue a dynamic and successful life.

As an international speaker, Laura has spoken on the same stages with Randi Zuckerberg, George Ross, John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Vanilla Ice, 50 Cent, Hugh Hilton and many others.

Lorenzo Escobal

Lorenzo Escobal is an internationally recognized, award-winning serial entrepreneur and when you speak to him you may be forgiven in thinking he is much older than he is. Most people are surprised to find out that he is, in fact, a twenty-something millennial. His first business, Inception Automotive Detailing happened out of necessity. He had finished university and could not find a job, had bills to pay and thus needed to find a way to generate an income. His entrepreneurial spirit and love of solving the problems of others is what sets Lorenzo apart from the rest.

Christine Nielsen

Christine speaks internationally for both companies and large groups of business leaders. Christine incorporates over 20 years in the field of behaviour, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and adaptation to help individuals and leaders create new ways of performing. Spanning a vast range of industries including fashion, beauty & lifestyle to food & beverage and forestry and mining, healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas, engineering and financial services.

Jeff Gerber

Jeff has been empowering and entertaining people for many years. As the Student Activities Council Advisor and Leadership Teacher at Waterloo-Oxford DSS, he leads one of the largest and most impactful leadership programs in the province of Ontario. He is an engaging speaker and workshop presenter with experience at national, provincial, regional and local conferences.

The event is free, with a limit of 100 spaces. Currently, all spaces are full, but anyone interested can sign up for the waiting list here. Find out more about the event by visiting tedxbrampton.com.