Brampton and the rest of Southern Ontario are in for a warm-up this week, and experts are saying the melting snow may cause flooding.

Last week Southern Ontario saw 25 cm of snow and record lows, but with temperatures expected to creep above zero for a few days this week, we’re in for a massive melt.

It started Sunday with temperatures hovering around 3°C, and temps are expected to creep even higher Monday with a high of about 7°C. The Weather Network is calling it a “temporary pattern reversal” and it raises the threat of flooding.

With the increased risk of high flows, residents should be extra cautious along the banks of local ponds, ravines and lakes.

Temperatures are expected to stay warm into Wednesday but will revert back to seasonal by Thursday. With all of the melted snow causing puddles, The Weather Network warns there’s a threat of ice.

Temperatures are expected to be colder than normal into mid-March.