Churro lovers, your dream has come true! Brampton now has a cafe completely dedicated to these fried, delicious sticks of magic.

Mi Churros recently opened up in downtown Brampton and the cafe serves up traditional and gourmet churros. There are lots to flavours and combinations to choose from. Enjoy a churro stuffed with the standard — But still delicious — dulce de leche, or with Nutella, brigadero (chocolate), strawberry or vanilla.

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The cafe’s menu also has a selection of gourmet churros, including a Nutella concoction stuffed with the hazelnut spread and sprinkled with peanuts and more Nutella. They also offer a caramel gourmet churro which is stuffed with dulce de leche and sprinkled with caramel bits and white chocolate.

An original churro will set you back $3, and a gourmet churro is not much more at $3.45. You can also enjoy three gourmet churros for $8.45.

Mi Churros is located at 22 Main Street South in Hamsworth lane beside TD Bank and 9 Queen Restaurant.