A good bowl of soup is like a warm hug on a cold day, and one of the newest additions to Brampton’s food scenes is serving it up in spades.

Souperlicious, a cozy little joint located at Bovaird and Conestoga in the FreshCo plaza, is creating soups and other comfort food with a Jamaican twist.

Their menu, as the name makes evident, has a bunch of different soups. There’s chicken soup for when you’re under the weather, butternut squash soup for when you really want something homey, and a bunch of other concoctions. Some are traditional and some have a Caribbean twist.

Soup is a humble dish, but the ones at Superlicious pack lots of flavours and they’ll warm you up on a cold day.

The menu has other hearty dishes too, including traditional Jamaican porridge, which is usually served for breakfast. Flavours include peanut, which comes packed with protein, as well as banana, and corn.

If you’re not in the mood for soup, they also have salads, burritos, protein bowls, smoothies, and more.

Souperlicious is located at 380 Bovaird Drive East.