I had the pleasure of meeting with Kareem and Shemeka Dorsett, Brampton natives and co-owners of Green Geek Co, on the last day of this seasons Farmer’s market to discuss their success so far.

Green Geek Co is Brampton’s first and only mobile healthy beverage service; delivering fresh and nutritious smoothies and juices right to your doorstep. For those who aren’t too familiar with the hype, these beverages can act as meal supplements, antioxidants, energizers, detoxifiers and much more.

Kareem, who has been working in kitchens for years has always been passionate about working with fresh and organic ingredients, so much so, it inspired him to leave his job and start his own business “I had enough of being disappointed with chefs promising me that big things would be happening … The next kitchen I work in is going to be my own!”

Leaving his job was the push he and his wife Shemeka needed to start their own business. The couple describes the inspiration for Green Geek Co as a combination of two things: their desire for creative freedom and their own personal experience with juicing.DSC_0862After their son Ethan James was born premature, they were excited when he was finally able to eat solids, wasting no time blending him fresh fruits and vegetables to help him reach a healthy weight. “Seeing him guzzle 250ml of beets was one of my proudest moments as a father,” Kareem shares. Witnessing what it had done for their son, they knew fresh blends were something they could sell with confidence to the public.

They were proven right at this seasons farmers market where their delicious lineup of smoothies were a complete hit. Crowd favourites included, Pina-kael-ata Just Beet It, and Lady in Red — to name a few. This taught the couple that they had no specific demographic; their supporters came in all shapes and sizes. “ It was across the board. From 2 to 62, men and woman ”Shemeka explained.

Green Geek Co, unlike it’s competitors, does not want to feed off of consumer ignorance, but instead they want consumers to challenge the alleged nutritional value of any foods and products claiming to be all natural, organic or even fresh. These words are so overused, it’s difficult to decipher what’s truly authentic.

Kareem admits that although their first priority is the nutritional value of their product, their customers seemed to be obsessed with the refreshing flavours, which he credits to Shemeka, “Usually I will start a blend and Shemeka finishes them. She will add her touch and make it palatable.” A woman’s touch, Shameka calls it.

DSC_0884They not only received support from the farmer’s market crowd, but also the vendors. As Kareem eloquently put it, when a tide comes in all boats rise.

“Everyone helping out together makes the farmers market a richer experience for everybody involved.” Much like Green Geek Co supports local farmers by purchasing their organic stock, the farmer’s market vendor support also sheds light on the camaraderie amongst the entrepreneurial community in Brampton.

The Brampton community has shown a wave of love and support to this start-up thus far, their fresh blends having even become a popular office party and recreational beverage choice. Juices are priced at $15/per litre and come in mason jars to ensure freshness.

Smoothies can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door! You read that right, fresh smoothies and juices literally delivered into your hands. You can have them stocked away in the fridge and ready to go when the demands of a busy schedule prevent you from making the time to juice and put together smoothie ingredients.

Imagine having a fresh beverage and food spot in the heart of OUR city, where it is both affordable and guilt free to indulge and enjoy. This is the ultimate goal of the couple. Blend Fresh strives to make readily available and affordable, organic and fresh food that can ultimately change our lives by changing what we consume.


Visit Green Geek Co to check out their lineup of fresh juices and smoothies for delivery straight to your door!