January 10, 2024 – In a collaborative effort, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) successfully intercepted a staggering 233 kilograms of cocaine, valued at approximately $6.5 million, destined for Canada.

On September 26, 2023, alert border services officers at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge port of entry in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, flagged a commercial truck for a secondary examination. The scrutiny uncovered 202 brick-shaped objects in the cargo, testing positive for cocaine. The CBSA promptly arrested the driver, transferring both the suspect and the illicit cargo to the RCMP Border Integrity Unit.

Following a thorough investigation, on December 19, 2023, the RCMP laid charges against 35-year-old Sukhwinder DHANJU of Brampton, Ontario. Dhanju faces charges including importation of cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking, as outlined in Sections 6(1) and 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, respectively.

Released under strict conditions, Dhanju is scheduled to appear in court on February 2, 2024, at 9:00 am, located at 59 Church St., St. Catharines, Ontario.

“This investigation is another great example of the partnership between the RCMP and the CBSA to keep our communities safe. The RCMP and the CBSA once again, through a joint effort, demonstrated continued commitment in working together to effectively disrupt the drug trade,” stated Superintendent Rae Bolsterli, Officer in Charge, RCMP Border Integrity Program, O Division.

“The diligence of our border services officers led to this significant seizure of narcotics. Our work with the RCMP is key to dismantling smuggling efforts and keeping harmful drugs out of our communities,” added Jeff Walters, District Director, Niagara District Operations, CBSA.

Smuggling narcotics and other Customs Act contraventions may lead to prosecution in a court of law and for foreign nationals this may mean removal from Canada, and a ban on returning to Canada.