Brampton long ago outlined two-way all-day GO train service to Toronto as a priority, but it turns out that it may not happen in the next decade.

Metrolinx recently released its GO expansion plans and two-way all-day GO service to Brampton–along with the rest of the Kitchener line–has been removed from the main plans, pushing possible completion date to 2025, or even as far away as 2030.

Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife has been asking Ford’s Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek about two-way all-day GO for weeks. Fife brought up the issue again in question period Wednesday.

“What about the rest of the line? What about Brampton, Guelph, Georgetown, and Kitchener?” Fife asked. “Our province will never be able to compete globally if Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto are separated by a 100 km long parking lot.”

The new GO Transit expansion plan outlines significant improvements from Union Station to Bramalea, including faster travel times and more frequent service. But it offers no clarification on future improvements.

Without two-way all-day service, Brampton will lose the benefit of more frequent service, and the critical linkage to two tech centres with sizable talent pools.

The key to unlocking two-way all-day GO for Brampton and the other cities and towns along the line is the CN Freight Bypass.

It’s proven more complex than originally thought, and residents in some areas along the existing corridor are concerned about an increase in freight traffic that might be diverted to their communities.

The bypass comes with a price tag of over $5 billion and requires new bridges, relocating hydro towers, and construction of new track.