Mayor Linda Jeffrey has announced her commitment to cracking down on local ridesharing companies like Uber.

Since its inception, the ride sharing giant has become popular in Brampton, making a significant dent in local taxi operations.

Amid growing outcry from local cabbies, Mayor Jeffrey, among mayors across Canada, has stepped up to voice her disapproval of what she labels illegal and unlicensed ride sharing services.

“Ride sharing companies that are operating without proper licensing in our community have not made any investment from which they derive their income. This is patently unfair to all Brampton taxpayers,” says Mayor Jeffrey.

Despite \outrage from municipalities across the country looking to crack down, many question whether the battle against Uber can be won. It is clear that the company has become a crowd favourite and continues to see a steady increase in both drivers and riders in Brampton.

Earlier this month Brampton City council approved the formation of a Taxi Advisory Committee that will focus on issues affecting the industry, including the continued rise of Uber and other ride sharing services.

Perhaps the committee will be able to come up with feasible solutions to improve the local taxi industry amid Uber’s growing popularity. For example, Montreal is equipping local cabbies with electronic payment, GPS and the installation of cameras as a way to try and compete with ride sharing companies.

“I understand the challenges managing the taxi industry and new entrants like Uber.  The solution is not regulating and banning ride share companies like Uber but to reexamine the industry as a whole.  Municipalities needs to adapt with new technologies,” says Andrew Degroot, local resident and Uber user.

Not all municipalities have it out for Uber. Edmonton Alberta’s city council recently voted to legalize the ridesharing service, so are the tides beginning to shift in Uber’s favour?

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