City of Brampton Pilot Program for Free Faraday Bags to combat 92% rise in auto thefts last year compared to 2019.

February 2, 2023 – Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown is taking steps to address the alarming rise in auto thefts that has taken place in the city. In an effort to combat this issue, Brown has proposed a pilot program that would provide free Faraday bags to residents of Brampton.

These inexpensive bags are designed to block the radio frequency from key FOBs, which car thieves use to steal cars in under 60 seconds.

Faraday Bag

According to Peel Regional Police, in 2022 there were 5,811 auto thefts, up from 3,119 in 2019, and Brown’s motion was approved at a committee meeting on Wednesday.

The City will mail the faraday bags to residents with instructions and tips from Peel Regional Police on auto theft prevention, and then use crime data from Peel Regional Police to pilot the product in 5 areas of the City and evaluate if auto-thefts go down in those areas.

With Faraday bags costing only $6, they offer an effective and affordable way to protect cars worth up to $60,000 from being stolen.

Brown noted that auto theft has caused hundreds of millions of dollars of financial loss to Brampton residents and is a major contributing factor to the high cost of insurance premiums.

If the pilot program is approved, thousands of car owners in five areas of Brampton will receive the bags.