Brampton East NDP MPP Gurratan Singh wants the Ford government to cut to the chase when it comes to lowering Ontario’s cost of auto insurance.

Last week the Ford government launched a public consultation survey to get the public’s opinion on the current state of car insurance in the province.

The PCs say the purpose of the public consultation is to examine practices in other jurisdictions around the country in order to find ways to make prices more competitive in Ontario.

But Singh says it’s a stalling tactic and it’s just dragging the process out for Brampton residents who want to see lower rates.

“People in Brampton and all across Ontario already know exactly what is wrong with the auto insurance system in this province,” he said in a statement. “Insurance companies are allowed to gouge drivers, and families are paying too much. What they need is a government that will take real and immediate action to end postal code discrimination and bring down the highest auto insurance premiums in the country.”

Last year Singh tabled a bill to end postal code discrimination and effectively lower premiums in places like Brampton, Mississauga and other GTA cities where premiums are particularly high.

Singh’s bill was rejected by the Ford government, but another one was tabled by Milton MPP Parm Gill. While the two bills appear similar, Brampton MPP Prabmeet Sarkaria says the two are fundamentally different, and that Singh’s bill “fails to address the cause of rate discrimination.”

“Through his Bill, MPP Gurratan Singh wants the GTA to be considered a single geographic area for rate setting. This will only serve to increase costs for drivers across the GTA,” says Sarkaria.

“A good driver in Brampton should pay the same rates as a good driver in Caledon. This is the fundamental principle that underlies MPP Gill’s bill, which we are excited to support.”

Naturally, drivers, especially those in Brampton, just want a solution and Sarkaria says the PCs “remain committed” to delivering on their promise of lowering rates for drivers.

As part of the process, the PCs are also conducting a public consultation. Residents of Ontario can share their thoughts on car insurance in an online survey that’s available until February 15.