January 9, 2024 – Brampton’s very own Ruby Sahota is stepping into a new role as Chief Government Whip as part of a minor cabinet shuffle in Ottawa.

Born and raised in Brampton, Sahota, a Liberal MP, has been representing her community since her election in 2015. She holds an Honours bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Peace Studies and a law degree from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

Before entering politics, Sahota practiced law in Cleveland, Ohio, with a focus on commercial litigation. Today, she is not only a dedicated public servant but also a wife to podiatrist Dr. Tejinder Sahota and a proud mother to son Nihal.

Having defeated Conservative incumbent MP Parm Gill in the 2015 election, Sahota quickly rose through the ranks. She chaired the Federal Liberal Ontario Caucus and played a crucial role in committees addressing the status of women, electoral reform, and house affairs.

Now, she adds another feather to her cap, becoming the Chief Government Whip in a recent ‘micro’ cabinet shuffle. The shuffle was triggered by the departure of MP Karina Gould, the current government House leader, who is heading for parental leave.

Steven MacKinnon, the former Chief Government Whip, has stepped into Gould’s shoes as the interim government House leader. This prompted Sahota, previously the Deputy Government Whip, to ascend to the position of Chief Government Whip.

As Chief Government Whip, Sahota will play a pivotal role in ensuring party discipline within the Liberal caucus. Her responsibilities include managing party members’ presence during crucial votes and overseeing the scheduling of speakers for various legislative proceedings.

It’s important to note that the Chief Government Whip is not a cabinet-level position on its own. However, they may receive a concurrent appointment, such as a minister without portfolio or Minister of State, allowing them to sit in the cabinet.

Sahota’s promotion marks not only a personal achievement but also a testament to her dedication and capability in serving the people of Brampton North and contributing to the efficient functioning of the Canadian Parliament.