Moms who work at home, whether entrepreneurs or contractors, have their hands full. If that describes you, you know that finding ways to keep the children away from your work is tough. You know that some days finding five minutes just to think is impossible.

Maybe you’ve looked at shared office spaces before, but they don’t seem very kid-friendly, and anyway the problem remains you still have to watch the kids while you work.

A solution for moms, by moms

Camille Robotham has your back. She and her sister, Michelle Robotham-Gayle, are two professional women launching a shared work space for moms. It’s called Work & Play, and it’s a coworking space with on-site child care. Moms get a spot to work (and coffee, cookies, and tea!) while kids are cared for by professional staff.

Inside the bright and colourful play room

A mortgage broker, Camille has been a businesswoman much of her life. Michelle is an Early Childhood Educator and a behavioral therapist for Autistic children.

This dynamic duo of sisters is the perfect combination for moms who need a helping hand from somebody who gets it. And both of these ladies get it. They really get it!

How it works

Work & Play limits its childcare area to five children, so advanced registration is highly encouraged. Parents can sign up for 3-hour blocks in the downstairs work space, while children are looked after in the play area upstairs.

Camille Robotham says, “It’s a great place for moms with small children to come and work, or have their children taken care of for a few hours if they need time to just breathe.”

Inside the quiet room, perfect for nursing moms

Take a look for yourself

If you want to see the Work & Play space and meet Michelle and Camille, they’re holding an open house this Saturday, Oct 7, from noon to 3. Note that you MUST call to register, because space is limited.

Work & Play is 250 Sunny Meadow Blvd in Brampton, but call 289-864-4044 in advance, whether it’s to register for the event this Saturday, or any time you want to make an appointment to take a look at the space.

You can also get in touch with Work & Play on its Facebook page, which is here.