Pediatric nurse Carolyn Sheehan works at Sick Kids, mostly with teen pregnancies, but when she takes a vacation she makes it count.

This health care worker from Brampton gives generously of her time all over the world. She’s been doing volunteer missions for over five years now and has built for Habitat for Humanity (HFH) here in Brampton and out in the Yukon Territory, among other places. She’s also worked with groups such as Samaritan’s Purse to create water filtration as far away as Cambodia.

Carolyn Sheehan

Sheehan says her trip to Cambodia inspired her to choose this Vietnam trip with HFH Global Village: “I enjoyed my time in Southeast Asia and wanted to go back again to do more work.”

She recently organized a shopping day fundraiser to help with her March 2018 trip where she and others will help build homes a few hours from the major port city of Da Nang.

The Event

The fundraiser is called “Shake Off the Winter Blues” and it happens on Sunday, January 14 at 45 Avondale Blvd in Brampton. It runs from 9am to 3pm and will have over 35 vendors, crafters, and artisans. Some of the vendors include crocheted treasures from Leslie’s Homemade Items, handmade soaps from Suzana’s Soaps, Parisa’s Henna Art and posh pup boutique The Little White Dog–but there are many more which you can find at the event page here.

There’s a $5 suggested donation at the door, but you can give more if are inclined to do so. You can be a benefactor even if you can’t make it: visit Sheehan’s HFH Global Village page right here. As ever, all donations over $20, both online and at the event, receive a tax receipt.

Oh one cool thing about the event is that the first 100 guests get a free grab bag filled with goodies and coupons, so if you’re going, get there early.

Why Vietnam?

The Habitat for Humanity page explains why Vietnam is a good choice for this kind of work: “Although Vietnam has reached lower Middle Income Country status, more than 33 million people still live on less than $2 per day… [The country] is also one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world with around 70 per cent of its population at risk of typhoons, torrential storms and flooding.”

Global Village

Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village is an international volunteer program which helps Canadians travel all over the world to help families who need a safe place to live. The effort has been in place for ten years and has helped build 950 affordable homes in a whopping 47 countries.

Sheehan says, “HFH Canada empowers the families participating whose hope is for safe and decent housing. I am excited to work hand in hand with others and experience a different culture while affecting real change in someone’s life.”

She pauses and adds, “Shelter for families is a basic human need and we often take that for granted. Helping build safe, affordable homes is one way we can make a difference.”

Get more information here about the fundraising event which takes place on Sunday, January 14, and if you want to contribute without going to the event, you can do so here.