If you’ve ever been completely appalled by the terrible state of hold music, you’ll be happy to know that things are taking a turn for the better, in Brampton anyway.

When you’re calling the city’s help line for parking permits, to report an unruly neighbour or for general help with things, you will now be treated to music by talented local musicians, instead of the dreadful stuff most companies use.

The project, called Playback 311, features music from rock, reggae, blues, classical, country, R&B, jazz and a bunch of other genres.

Right now the city has five local artists in the rotation — Daysdeaf a local musician who explores composition through organic and electronic mediums, Don Ablett whose instrument is the acoustic guitar, Neil an indie/alternative artist, powerhouse vocalist Staasia Daniels, and pop/R&B/Soul artist Tam.

The project, led by the city’s Arts & Culture department accepts music on an ongoing basis, so if you’re a local artist and want to share your jams with Brampton, you can apply here.