Brampton Rupi Kaur, who burst onto the scene in the middle of the last decade, has been recognized as Writer of the Decade according to U.S. publication The New Republic.

Instagram poetry, or Instapoetry, which has focused on esthetics and brevity, has been mocked and derided by some for being ‘simple and shallow’. When this recent article went viral, it was received with both praise and criticism from both fans and detractors.

In the article, Rumaan Alam argues that what makes Kaur writer of the decade is how she stands as a window into the future of poetry.

“She’s made a huge success with work that is really attuned to the surface of the screen. She is predicting a way of thinking about screen surface… She was one of the first writers to do that, but ultimately a lot of readers are going to think about that,” says Alam.

He goes on to say that Kaur’s work is made to be read and scrolled on social media as well as a blueprint for what’s to come.

Kaur’s first book, Milk and Honey, became a New York Times bestseller, selling over three million copies and translated into 35 languages. Her second book, The Sun and Her Flowers, also met with acclaim.

With Kaur’s success, many young poets have emerged, some even citing Kaur as the reason they began to write and publish.

To read the full article and commentary, check out The New Republic article here.