Campaigning is in full swing in Brampton as voters prepare to take to the polls on October 22.

One local politician, Vicky Dhillon, one of the candidates for regional councillor in Ward 9/10, is getting some attention online for an old campaign video.

Vicky Dhillon served as city councillor for Ward 9/10 from 2006 to 2014 when he was unseated by current city councillor Gurpreet Dhillon.

After current Councillor John Spovieri stepped down from his seat as regional councillor for wards 9/10 to run for mayor, Vicky Dhillon decided to step back into Brampton politics by running for the seat soon to be vacated by Sprovieri.

Gurpreet Dhillon, who unseated Vicky Dhillon back in 2014 is also running for the same position.

But it’s not Vicky Dhillon’s latest bid for a council position that’s getting attention, it’s an old campaign video from 2014 that recently resurfaced.

The video has been making the rounds across social media and has amassed thousands of views.

Here’s the video’s transcript:

Man: Hey hun, who will you be voting for? This time who will you help win?

Woman: The individual that got rid of drug ‘happenings’ and made Brampton into a heavenly area. By dancing away, I am going to cast my ballot for Vicky Dhillon. I will be sure to help him win.
Group: Making the Brampton community proud with values and pride, Vicky Dhillon.
Most people are confused by the unusual video, and some even question its authenticity given its strange nature, but it has been confirmed that the video is, in fact, one that was used by Vicky Dhillon during his campaign four years ago.