Villa’s ‘I.H.A.D’ featuring Mayne Ishu is the latest collaboration from the Brampton musical comrades. The video’s dreamy sequences were all shot locally in Brampton, including forest scenes in White Spruce Park.

The inspiration for many of the sequences was Alice in Wonderland, which was exemplified in the song’s thematic content. The nocturnal feel of the video puts Brampton in a new light, turning it into Wonderland itself.

Mayne Ishu adds a powerful verse which compliments confrontational visuals. A representative of Interstellar Records describes ‘I.H.A.D.’, “we have the craziest video that we’ve done to date, one that represents the real dreams of an aspiring producer and artist, growing together and realizing the world’s truths through a visual ‘dream-like state’”.

Check it out below.