Brampton Receives $128 Million For New Public Transit Facility.

April 16 (2.5 Minute Read)


Today, all three levels of government were working together to contribute $175 million towards the construction of a new public transit facility in Brampton.  

The federal government contributed $69.9 million, the provincial government contributed $58.2 million, and the City provided $46.6 million towards building Brampton’s third and largest public transit facility.

The Project

This mega-project consists of a 400,000 square foot transit maintenance and storage facility, storing up to 250 buses. It will include 36 maintenance bays with fixed and mobile hoists, a vehicle inspection pit, an overhead crane, fuel storage and dispensing systems, a vehicle location and radio system, and backup electricity generation.  

As part of the City of Brampton’s Community Energy & Emissions Reduction Plan, the new facility will be built to accommodate the future installation of infrastructure to service electric buses.

The Reaction

Chris Drew, a volunteer with the transit advocacy group Fight Gridlock in Brampton and transit rider, said today’s announcement is very positive for Brampton. “The funding announced today for the third bus garage is very exciting for Brampton Transit riders and all residents and commuters to Brampton. It will help keep up with growth and allow the City to continue to expand services. This is a good example of the federal, provincial, and municipal governments working together”. 

“Brampton’s transit ridership has grown faster than its population, and as a result the system requirements robust investment”, according to Chris. “This announcement is an important piece of the overall plan, where LRT, BRT, and more GO train service is being studied and built. The bus service is the backbone, and if the bus system succeeds, the entire network succeeds.”

Chris pointed to research by Sean Marshall, which demonstrated how Brampton Transit had become a success story in the Region of Peel. 

As Chair of Public Works and Engineering, Brampton Councillor Paul Vicente states, “Brampton is a leader in sustainability, and it is only fitting that our transit network is well-connected and eco-friendly. Brampton City Council is excited to receive support from all levels of government for Brampton Transit’s third storage and maintenance facility, as we look forward to transitioning to an electric, zero-emission bus fleet and meeting our sustainability goals.”

Brampton East MP Maninder Sidhu adds, “Today’s investment will help create Brampton’s largest transit maintenance and storage facility. This will ensure that residents have access to quality and safe public transit options for years to come, create good-paying jobs, while also creating future opportunities for green and low-carbon transit systems. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

From the provincial perspective, Brampton West MPP Amarjot Sandhu said, “The Government of Ontario is once again demonstrating its commitment to improving transit infrastructure in the province by partnering with our federal and municipal colleagues to make this crucial investment. A new transit terminal is just another step in our plan to get Bramptonians spending less time commuting and more time at home with their families.”

Brampton Shifting Into Fifth Gear

Despite the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, it’s been a good year for Brampton. The City passed its third consecutive 0% property tax budget. In regards to the provincial budget, Brampton will be receiving a new fully functioning hospital, a new medical school in partnership with Ryerson University, and improvement to GO Train services.  

This construction of a new public transit facility complements the City’s transportation investments with new buses, new routes, and work towards a new Active Transportation Master Plan for connected pedestrian and cycling networks.

The transit project will create new construction jobs, and new City jobs in terms of drivers, mechanics and supporting services. And jobs will be needed once we recover from the devasting impacts of the pandemic.