Brampton has one of the youngest populations in all of Canada, with a median age of 33, and the City is looking for ways to expand services to young people in the community.

Earlier this month Brampton’s regional councillors put forward a motion at Regional Council requesting funding for two new community youth-focused hubs and it passed unanimously.

The motion was proposed by Councillor Medeiros who requested that the Region of Peel consider a $6 million grant in order to support two locations being converted into youth hub facilities that will house social and health service agencies specifically focused on young people.

“Youth service organizations often struggle to find affordable spaces to operate,” said Councillor Medeiros during the motion debate, “but this solution will provide a creative space and house organizations that provide services for our youth.”

Councillor Santos added, “We know that collaborations with youth, support organizations, and government can provide the wrap-around services and preventative programs to help keep our young people out of trouble and open doors to more positive opportunities. Youth hubs are proven to be effective at providing that support.”

The two locations for the future youth hubs will be the Century Gardens Lawn Bowling Clubhouse and a surplus space at South Fletcher’s Sportsplex.

The youth hubs will be established by converting facilities that already exist, making it easier on the city’s budget and may mean the city’s youth can access these services faster.

More details are expected to be provided by the City of Brampton as the plans for the hubs are firmed up.