Campaigning is in full swing for Brampton’s candidates in the upcoming elections, and lots of organizations across the city are doing their part to ensure the public stays informed.

Brampton’s Reddit community is hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) over the next week with the five of the mayoral candidates.

Through Reddit, voters can ask questions of the various candidates live. The AMA sessions kick off Tuesday, September 18 with Mayor Linda Jeffrey, and run until September 28.

Each candidate will have a designated date and time where they’ll be online to answer questions. Anyone can ask questions so long as they have a Reddit account, and questions can be asked anonymously.

Each candidate’s AMA link will be made available no later than the day before the sessions start. All sessions will run from 6 to 8 p.m.


Linda Jeffrey – Tuesday, September 18

Wesley Jackson – Wednesday, September 19

Patrick Brown – Friday, September 21

Mansoor Ameersulthan – Thursday, September 27

Bal Gosal – Friday, September 28

Find out more here on the Brampton Subreddit.