McDonald’s India-Inspired Meat-Free Options Sought in Brampton.

February 14, 2023 – Residents of Brampton have started a petition for McDonald’s to offer more vegetarian menu options, taking inspiration from McDonald’s India’s diverse menu.

The campaign has gained momentum with almost 2,000 signatures so far, as supporters demand balance on the McDonald’s menu infamous for a lack of vegetarian choices in Canada.

The petition contends that McDonald’s Canada provides very few vegetarian options compared to its Indian counterparts, which boasts a plethora of meat-free offerings such as the McSpicy Paneer Burger, McAloo Tikki, and Veg Pizza McPuff. The campaign also seeks to introduce the McVeggie Burger, McSpicy Chicken Burger, and piri piri fries to the Canadian menu.

“Brampton’s substantial vegetarian population deserves more dietary options,” the petition states. “Our goal is to request McDonald’s to bring the mouth-watering Indian menu to Brampton McDonald’s locations.”

Due to many Brampton residents following religious dietary restrictions limiting or prohibiting meat, Indian cuisine has gained immense popularity and acceptance due to its wide variety of vegetarian offerings. The supporters of the petition hope that adding more meat-free menu items to McDonald’s will offer greater food choices to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

The petition urges “all the foodie people” to join hands in expanding the food options for Brampton’s residents. If the petition is successful, Brampton residents will no longer need to travel to India to indulge in their favorite McDonald’s menu items.