Restaurants in Ontario will now be allowed to serve alcohol at 9 a.m. thanks to changes in the Liquor License Act last week.

An info bulletin released by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario states that this change “provides businesses more flexibility in determining operational hours that meet their individual business needs”. Before the change, Ontario bars and restaurants were not allowed to provide alcohol until 11 am.

Some businesses will also be allowed to sell alcohol earlier on a case-by-case basis for special events such as a big sports game.

These new changes are getting a mixed response from some Ontarians. Some people believe that the Conservative government is wasting taxpayer money on these new change and compare it with the failed Buck-a-Beer plan put forth by Premier Ford.

With the addition of earlier hours for alcohol sales, businesses will now be allowed to have happy hour drink specials and serve any alcoholic beverage size to consumers, which were all considered illegal before.

So far, there hasn’t been any word on which bars and restaurants will be implementing the new rules.