Recently city council moved to amend Brampton’s Firework by-law which will dictate the use of roman candles, flying lanterns, sprinklers and other fireworks commonly used on certain statutory holidays.

Currently the city allows for the use of certain fireworks on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve with a permit. But an incident last November had some city councillors calling for an outright ban of all fireworks in residential areas.

Fire Chief Mike Clark advised that such a restriction could not be effectively managed and regulated by the city.

Though an outright ban won’t happen, the amended bylaw will include the ban of all rocket-type fireworks for consumer and residential use. This includes flying lanterns, roman candles, skyrockets and any other fireworks that are expected to travel more than 10 feet.

Under the new rules, the sale of fireworks that fit the same criteria will also be banned in Brampton.

Short-range fireworks, those expected to travel less than 10 feet when set off like fountains, wheels, ground spinners and sparklers will still be permitted for use and without the need for a permit.

The conversation around stricter rules for fireworks comes after a house fire last November during Diwali that damaged two homes and required a number of others to be evacuated.

What do you think of the city’s decision to ban rocket fireworks?