This Satellite Time Lapse Shows How Much Brampton Has Grown Over 35 Years

Brampton in 2020 is a drastically different picture from that of 1984.

The city has grown rapidly, with no end in sight to the city’s housing sprawl. In 1981, the population was 149,030. In 2011, the population had grown to 523,911, and now in 2020, the city’s population is about to surpass 600,000.

Google has updated its Google Earth Timelapse feature, so anyone can see the changes on the Earth’s surface over 35 years, and it’s mesmerizing to see how much the city has changed over the past few decades.

Copywright Bramptonist 2019
Bramptonist stitched together this GIF animation showing most of Brampton changing over the years.

Some prominent changes in Brampton over the decades include:

  • 1985: Ground breaks on Chrysler car factory at Torbram and North Park
  • 1984-1991: Construction of the 410 from Bovaird to the 401
  • 1991: Construction starts in the first segment of Springdale
  • 1994: The 407 starts construction near the 427
  • 1995: 407 construction reaches the 410
  • 1996: 407 construction reaches the western edge of the city
  • 1998: The Powerade Centre appears
  • 1999: Construction of Trinity Commons
  • 2000: NW Brampton starts to really sprawl
  • 2004: 410 extension to Sandalwood Parkway is built
  • 2006: 410 extension to Mayfield is built
  • 2008: 410 extension to Hurontario is built
  • 2009: Construction of Mount Pleasant Village begins

The data comes from a variety of sources, including the Landsat Global Archive Consolidation Program, US Geological Survey, NASA, and TIME.

You can see scroll zoom in anywhere on Earth and see your favourite or not-so-favourite places change.