The novel coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, has been rampant for 10 months or more, and Brampton is finally going to get isolation centres. In a news conference on January 6, Mayor Patrick Brown said it would be “very soon”.

Brown expressed appreciation to the provincial government for providing the funding for three COVID isolation centres in Brampton. The centres create a safe place where residents can self-isolate if they contract COVID-19.

Brown said, “It was great news when I got a note in late December that the provincial government was going to come to the table and fund isolation centres in Brampton.”

The province earmarked $42 million to create isolation centres in municipalities that have the highest rates of COVID transmission, naturally, this includes Peel Region.

Brown also said the centres, which will be located in northeast Brampton and Bramalea.

He said, “If you look in Brampton, we have crowded living conditions, and if someone lives with two or three people, it might not be hard to isolate in a different part of the house, but if you live with 10 people, it is virtually impossible.” He added, “So having this tool, having this option of a location to safely isolate, is critical.”

Brown also said that not every resident can afford to pay for a hotel room or some other separate accommodation if they are diagnosed.

The Region of Peel remains hard-hit by the virus. On January 6 the province reported that in the last 24 hours there were 523 new COVID-19 cases in the region.

To see Mayor Patrick Brown’s news conference, see his tweet below.