Brampton Transit has reached an agreement with the city, avoiding strike action.

On Thursday, November 28, city council went into an agreement with the transit team that serves residents and visitors in the Flower City. Mayor Patrick Brown signed the agreement, which is a five-year contract between the City of Brampton and local transit partner ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) 1573. It was announced via Facebook.

This contract appears to address a lot of the drivers’ concerns. Since 2016, Brampton drivers had been asked to endure things such as giving up their 30-minute unpaid lunch break. The union was concerned that this reduction in breaks would increase driver fatigue, and increase the chances of driving errors and impact driver health.

Some drivers had even resorted to avoiding fluid intake, so they could reduce their washrooms visits, thus causing transit delays for riders.

Mayor Brown said that Brampton City Council is pleased to sign in favour of both drivers and for a mobile and safer community.