The City of Brampton is getting a substantial boost of $113 million as part of a jointly-funded investment. The funds come from all levels of government and are for use updating and enhancing the city’s transit system.

In a recent press conference, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Catherine McKenna said the federal government would invest more than $45.3 million towards four public transit projects in the city.

At the provincial government level, Brampton Transit will be given an additional $37.8 million, and the city itself is contributing over $30.2 million to the total.

Mayor Patrick Brown was also at the announcement, and he said, “…we actually have the fastest-growing transit system in terms of ridership, as a percentage, in all of the GTA and Canada.” He added, “Our ridership has grown 153 per cent.”

According to the Brampton mayor, this is the largest federal investment in the city’s transit in over 10 years.

McKenna indicated that the funds would go to create a transit hub, buy safety equipment and replace old buses.

This includes the purchase of 32 conventional buses to maintain current service levels and also replace the buses nearing the end of their usefulness. There will also be buses getting refurbished over the next four years.

Some of the money will also go towards the replacement of on-board cameras and video recorders, bringing technology updates to the entire bus fleet.

Finally, there’s also a new transit hub in the plans, which would increase the number of bus bays in the existing terminal from seven to 16, which could double the number of trips at the terminal. Additionally, it will support a potential switch to electric buses.

An expected completion date for the transit hub has not yet been announced.