There’s nothing worse than being stuck on public transit, or anywhere, with a dead phone. Brampton Transit is hoping to fix this problem, at least in part, with USB ports on busses.

Brampton Transit just added new routes, more trips and other services improvements on September 3, and as part of the improvements, they are introducing USB ports on busses.

Brampton Transit just introduced new busses to the system, all of which will be equipped with USB ports for charging smart devices. All new busses moving forward are likely to have this feature.

Only a small number of these busses have hit the streets so far — around 16 — and they are operating across the city on regular and Zum routes. Ports are located directly below seats and in between and can charge up to two devices.

So the next time you’re on a long-haul bus trip, rest assured that when your phone starts teetering dangerously close to the 1% mark, you’ll have a place to charge it.