Despite what was written in an editorial by an NDP MPP, Brampton Transit riders will be able to ride a bus directly into York University for the foreseeable future.

As GO service changed on Saturday, with all 407 service GO buses being rerouted to the new 407 Station on the TTC’s Line 1, the Toronto Star printed an opinion piece by Jessica Bell.

Bell, NDP MPP for University-Rosedale, wrote an editorial regarding the current mess with transit fare integration and agreements between transit agencies around York University, calling for the provincial government to properly solve the issue.

Bell wrote, “Brampton buses will be leaving campus in 2019.” This statement sparked some fears with York Universty students who currently take the 501 Zum Queen service from Brampton.

However, Bramptonist has confirmed with the City of Brampton and Brampton Transit staff that this statement is untrue.

“At this time, we do not have any plans to stop servicing York University,” says Christine Sharma, Media Coordinator for the City of Brampton. “The 501A/C service will continue to terminate at York University.”

It’s unclear where Bell got her information, though the other information in the opinion piece is factual.

Currently, Brampton has no fare integration agreement with the TTC, so any transfers between the two systems require a second, full fare to be paid.

Should Brampton Transit ever decided to stop servicing York University, riders would have to transfer onto the new Line 1 Subway extension at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre or 407 Station and ride it directly into the university.