At a special council meeting yesterday, Brampton City Council unanimously passed its motion to stay in the Region of Peel and maintain its governance stance as well as the city’s council structure. The motion stated:

“THAT, with the support of Brampton residents, and in the best interest of protecting Peel Region taxpayers, that Brampton City Council endorses maintaining the upper tier governance structure of Peel Region and the lower tier structure of City Council. THAT, the City of Brampton advise the Government of Ontario accordingly.”

Brampton City Council learned through an independent analysis that breaking apart the Region of Peel would cost taxpayers in Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon more money.

Professional services firm Ernst & Young backed the claim with its own financial analysis which indicated that the dissolution of the Peel Region and upper tier governance changes would cost taxpayers in all three communities more.

As of last month, the City of Brampton discussed the issue with residents and stakeholders. Three options were discussed:

  • become a standalone city (dissolve the region)
  • merge three municipalities into one city
  • leave the current structure unchanged

The majority of the public were in favour of keeping the current structure of the Region of Peel. Brampton residents polled also revealed that about 7 out of 10 residents supported maintaining the upper tier Peel Region governance structure.

The province of Ontario, through the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, will announce its proposed recommendations. A decision will be made after the Special Advisors deliver the recommendations this summer to the Minister himself.